Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Do you want apple sauce with this panic?

Swine 'flu! Get your pandemic and pigs ear!(sic)

I am of the opinion that certain people thrive on this sort situation. I've just hit Google News for the UK, and it's reporting something like 32,000 stories just on this subject. The Daily Telegraph, one of the UK's national broadsheets, along with some others around the globe have introduced RSS feeds just for the Swine 'flu outbreak.

Yes, we should be worried about the spread of it, yes we should take precautions against catching it, but these are so simple and logical, I cannot see why people should panic. If we just stick to the top two simple day-to-day hygiene tips there shouldn't be a problem:
  • Use tissues when you cough or sneeze, or at least cover your nose and mouth with your hand and then clean your hand with a tissue. And don't stick it in your pocket for later - get rid of it in the nearest bin.
  • Basic hygiene - washing your hands with soap and water - will prevent spread of virii in general between your face and hands and therefore other people.
  • Keep your household work surfaces clean, and in these situations how about door handles as well (couldn't hurt at least!)
These are difficult concepts?

My cynical side has the final say. Two things will be certain at this point,
  1. There's going to be a lot of mis-informed people going everso slightly crazy about catching this "dread disease"
  2. There's going to be a lot of manufacturer's and retailers rubbing their hands with glee as the sales of disposable face masks goes beyond the dreams of accountants and the Revenue services of most of the planet!
Be lucky and stay safe out there people.

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