Thursday, 7 October 2010

Disable your Adblock!

Has anyone seen this page appear recently?

Surely the idea of pop-up and adblockers is to stop all of this happening. 

CPA Lead is a web advertising agency and to be honest, I think they've missed the point - as have some of their customers. I suspect that this is going to make matters worse for those customers who have taken this script and it will actually decrease the amount of traffic through their sites, rather than boost their customer's - and therefore CPAlead's own income.

Just as an experiment I disabled adblock on a page that presented this message, just to check out  the  ads on the page. Practically every ad on the page was for a company or a product that I'd not use because I can't get them where I live on this side of the planet. The only ads I did find that were remotely relevant were from Google - those at least were from companies in my own country.

Not sure this is a good company either. Looking through their blogs and the comments that people have left I get the distinct impression that as far as they're concerned there isn't a world outside of  North America(possibly even outside the USA). They are also very good a dodging the question.

I wonder what the writer of Adblock/Adblock Plus has to say about this?

Oh, by the way, you can get around it with AdBlockPlus.
  • As the page loads, go to the adblockPlus icon and select:"Disable on this page only".
  • Wait for the page to finish loading
  • de-select: "Disable on this page only".
You get to read the page AND not have to worry about pop-ups getting in the way or get that stupid message!